Ta Da! Meet “Not Parent Approved”

Well, hello there!

When we started working on Not Parent Approved, our goal was to improve the world of tween entertainment. The issue? We were fed up with the current state of “Screen Zombies” — that moment where kids can’t hear you, forget to eat, suddenly can’t find the power off button and get really, REALLY grouchy.

After canvassing friends, family and even random strangers, it became crystal clear, we weren’t alone – that “Screen Zombies” was an issue everyone would love to avoid.

Now don’t get us wrong, we are big believers in the power of digital and are very grateful for many of its modern advances — thank you YouTube videos!

But fun in the 21st Century should also be kids looking each other (and parents) in the eyes and connecting face to face – and not exclusively through a server, a screen or a cloud.

As you might expect, the “Eureka!” moment for Not Parent Approved was inspired from a real-life crisis — one of our kids (name omitted to protect the not-so innocent), was screen-banned for the weekend.

That left 48 hours of time to fill… what to do now?  As play-dates were still scheduled, a trip to toy store for a board game seemed the perfect answer.

Except, it wasn’t.

After set-up, reading instructions, and learning the various rules, the two most popular games on the market took well over an hour to get into and actually playing! They just weren’t…fun.

We realized, that simple to learn, fast to play — and most importantly — actually fun game that kids (and parents) could enjoy together away from the screen are hard to find.

At that moment, we realized what Not Parent Approved had to be.

1) No complicated rules. No need for a board with tons of pieces. No need to be great at drawing, on the spot clever, or acting skills needed.  Learn the rules in 20 seconds and start having fun right away!

2) A “snack-able” option – as easy to get in and out of the game as clicking on an app. Play a few rounds of Not Parent Approved at a restaurant while waiting for the food, put the game away and then bring it back out before dessert —always dessert!

3) It feels naughty to kids – but in a way that (most) parents will be completely fine with.  Why? We kick off the game with a burping contest. We haven’t met a kid yet that doesn’t laugh  — and love it.

So after 1,000+ days in the making, hundreds of gummy bears devoured, gallons of coffee guzzled, 17 snot-spewing belly laughs between 100 kids — and many, many rounds of games played, we’re here!

So come on and try Not Parent Approved. Play at your own risk 😉

Let us know what you think…..


Stacy and Maximina

Inventors, Co-Founders, Playful Moms

  • stephanie collier
    Posted at 20:57h, 19 November Reply

    Can’t wait to try

  • Sara Jane Klingaman
    Posted at 09:28h, 20 November Reply

    AWESOME!!! I want it please 🙂

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