Toy News: Diary of Not Parent Approved Inventors

DIARY OF AN INVENTOR: Stacy Katz & Maximina Revis and Not Parent Approved

By Billy Langsworthy

NOVEMBER 26TH 2015 AT 12:35PM

Not Parent Approved  a kid-friendly Cards Against Humanity or an outrageous Apple to Apples.

We’re calling it an inappropriately appropriate card game for mischief-makers aged eight and above.

The tween market is really underserved right now so we wanted to create something that kids and families can play together. The sweet spot for this game is ages eight to 12 but it can go up to those aged 15. 16 onwards and they want to play Cards Against Humanity.

It’s the kind of content that makes it okay to mention boogers, farts and grandma in the same sentence. We really wanted to create a game that we wanted to play with our children. It had to be enticing enough that it would get our children off their screens without provoking a fit. It’s no easy achievement but we’ve had really positive results.

The idea came from when I punished my eight-year-old son and banned him from screens for a weekend. Two play dates were cancelled because it was way too much effort to fill 48 hours. I bought traditional board games but it took them 15 minutes to learn the rules and after 18 minutes they were throwing the pieces at each other’s heads.

I realised that traditional games aren’t built for the attention spans of the app generation. Not Parent Approved is.

We want to launch it in the UK, and anyone interested should Or contact us at stacy@notparentapproved.comand

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