Real(ly) great coverage from Real Simple

So thrilled to get buzz from Real Simple about Not Parent Approved! They called Stacy Katz & Maximina Juson Revis “genius moms.” We’ll take that compliment! Can’t wait to get you all burping and laughing – on sale at Amazon – October 1st!

The Cards Against Humanity for Kids Is Coming

Instead of sexual tension, profanity, and politics, it’s boogers, wedgies, and grandma.

When you were a kid, just hearing “butt” or saying the same thing over and over again could make you laugh until you cried. Well, a pair of genius moms realized that pushing boundaries and potty humor are still as hilarious to their kids as it was to them back then. And lucky for you, they came up with the perfect, age-appropriate game that will send your tween into giggle fits.

Not Parent Approved is an “inappropriately appropriate” card game meant to be an appealing old-fashioned diversion from screen culture for kids 8 and up. But like its adult-inspiration, Cards Against Humanity, it’s filled with gross humor and absurdity, all in a kid-friendly package. The game will be available this holiday season on Amazon.

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