Cool Mom Picks: This game might just be the perfect thing for a multigenerational activity after your Thanksgiving meal!

Not Parent Approved: Like Cards Against Humanity…for kids.

With the massive popularity of Cards Against Humanity, it was only a matter of time before someone created a G-rated (ok, G-rated-ish) adaptation that pays homage to its irreverent mastery. Enter Not Parent Approved, a truly hilarious, very clever family card game that should be the breakout hit of the upcoming holiday season.

Think of Not Parent Approved as a cross between the old Match Game (aw, we miss you Charles Nelson Reilly), Apples to Apples and CAH, in which all the players try to pick the most apt red card in their hand to match blue card statements like, I popped a zit and _________ came out of it;  or _________ will definitely be at my BFF’s birthday party; or You think my farts stink? Well yours smell like _________.

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